Ways to Gain Forgiveness

Drug abuse will take so much more than you realize. It will take your ability to choose, communicate and interact with others. You are lucky if the only kind of pain you ever experience is physical because the emotional trauma from a drug addiction will drown you and everyone you ever cared about. However, your […]

The Dangers of Teen Marijuana Use

Many people in addiction treatment programs admit to have been introduced to addiction through the use of marijuana in their teen years. This isn’t exactly a new development. Because the practice is seen as something that is highly recreational and incorrectly viewed as having low risk, teens often find themselves exposed to marijuana quite often. […]

Addiction in College

Addiction can start in college. Be sure you are making smart, responsible choices.

Signs of Substance Abuse

Know the signs of substance abuse so you can help a friend or a loved one.

Giving Back

Wherever you are on your journey to addiction recovery, volunteering in your community offers many motivational benefits. Challenge yourself to get out of your head and experience the joys of service.



Planning can help you prioritize aspects of your life to make it more manageable. Plan some of these important parts of your life to continue to improve after drug rehab.

Laughter as a Tool in Recovery


Laughter is considered the best medicine in almost any kind of situation. Does the same ring true when it comes to addiction treatment as well?

Becoming a Recovery Counselor


Are you interested in helping people overcome harmful addictions or lifestyles? Here is a quick rundown of what it takes to become a recovery counselor to help others overcome their substance abuse problems.

The Benefits of Outpatient Recovery Centers


Outpatient drug rehab centers give effective counsel and addiction treatment while those in recovery continue working, studying and daily living. Inpatient centers provide housing and structure away from home which may be a temporary escape from addiction. Once those with addiction leave inpatient centers, they must learn to overcome addiction as they go about work, […]

How Drug Addiction Can Affect Your Job


Addiction can challenge a person’s effectiveness at their job. It can even put a person’s job at risk. While there are many jobs that protect those who are in recovery, those with an addiction do not often have job security. Starting addiction recovery or drug rehab will increase a person’s productivity and rights to job […]