Parents Are Supplying Drugs to Their Kids Without Realizing It


Many parents in Salt Lake City believe that marijuana is a gateway to drug addiction. Although marijuana may be a gateway to harder drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin, kids are getting a taste of what it feels like to be high way before pot is introduced, and the parents are supplying it. The […]

How to Approach Your Children About Drug Use


Parenting is the difficult mixture of teaching children about what’s right and making sure you’re doing what’s right as well. Teaching kids about substance abuse and addiction is something that just makes your job as a parent that much harder. Whether your children have already been exposed to substance abuse or they’ve never had to […]

Does Addiction Fade With Age?


Many of those who are struggling with addiction are only doing so because they were introduced to substance abuse as a teen. Whether they first drank alcohol at a high school party or were given drugs while partying with close friends, those who are attempting to overcome addiction find it difficult to get away from. […]

Difference Between Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab


Your career, your future spouse and your addiction treatment program — what do these three seemingly unique things have in common? This is a list of things that you have to decide on yourself. When it comes to the things that build your future, you can collect all of the advice you want, but in […]

Developing an Exercise Routine Post Rehab


Those who have suffered from a drug or substance abuse addiction know the all-too-familiar void that you can feel. Addiction itself is selfish, robbing you of your ability to feel the same level of happiness. It’s numbing—mentally and physically. A common remedy suggested by researchers, in addition to your drug addiction treatment program, is exercise. […]

You’re Sober, But Now You Have to Take Pain Pills


Your path in life was has been a tough one. When you finally graduated your drug rehab program, you made a promise to your spouse, your children and most importantly yourself that you would never again use any kind of mind-altering substance. Up to this point, your track record has been clean. That is until […]

Approaching a Family Member Struggling With Substance Abuse


Watching a family member struggle with substance abuse can be incredibly difficult. Whether it’s a spouse, parent, child or more distant relation, no one wants a loved one to experience feelings of shame or worthlessness. That’s why the right approach is key to helping a family member realize they need to seek addiction treatment and […]

Music Therapy in Addiction Recovery


For centuries, music has been used as an artistic method to communicate a certain message to an audience. The artist creates a song, whether it be instrumental, vocals only or a combination of the two to express their feelings and reach out to the people listening who are experiencing those same emotions. In recent years, […]

How to Encourage Sobriety in Your Loved Ones


Sobriety isn’t something attained by graduating a drug rehab program. Sobriety spans across the journey of a lifetime. While rehab may be the first step on this journey, those struggling with drug addiction will need support from friends and family as they continue after rehab. If you have a loved one on this journey to […]

Why Is It So Hard to Ask for Help?

Our 21st century society often associates qualities such as independence, self-sufficiency and sovereignty with success. We tend to view humans who appear to have a strong sense of autonomy – whether emotionally, physically or financially – as emblems of prosperity; and in some cases, as role models. Society has taught us from a young age […]