Three Things to Do Instead of Drugs


If you suffer from a drug addiction, it can sometimes be hard to focus on things fully because of the voice in your head that keeps your mind focused on your drug of choice. There are a lot of fun and enjoyable things you can do that to take your mind off and away from […]

How to Structure Your Environment in Early Addiction Recovery


Seeking help when recovering from addiction takes both courage and strength. It is a life-changing decision. Next Level Recovery is an outpatient treatment center located in Salt Lake City that will help you transition from dependency to a healthy, substance-free life. Because Next Level Recovery is an outpatient treatment center, clients are not only able […]

Tips for Improving Self-Control During Recovery


Self-control is a key element when going through any type of recovery. Alcohol addiction can plague anyone from Salt Lake City to the City That Never Sleeps. Having self-control during your recovery process will make recovering easier, especially when it comes to saying no. Here are a few things that will help improve your self-control […]

Three-step program


Everyone recovers differently. Incorporate our three-step program into your recovery process.



Planning can help you prioritize aspects of your life to make it more manageable. Plan some of these important parts of your life to continue to improve after drug rehab.

Blogging in Recovery


There is not a single person on the face of this planet that shows as much bravery, dedication and perseverance as those who are in recovery for their drug addiction. One of the most difficult parts of adult life is admitting you were in the wrong and looking for ways to fix it. As you […]

Sleep and Addiction


Addiction can change a lot about a person, from their looks to their behaviors. One of the first changes that may happen to you if you struggle with an alcohol addiction is the change to your sleeping patterns. As you get back on a healthy sleep schedule, it can help you change your habits and […]

Overcoming Bad Habits


If you’re one of the brave people who decided to take on drug rehab, you’re well aware that there are bad habits in the world.  But every negative in life is canceled out by a positive. Sometimes the best way to get over these bad habits is to replace it with a good one.

Laughter as a Tool in Recovery


Laughter is considered the best medicine in almost any kind of situation. Does the same ring true when it comes to addiction treatment as well?

Meditation and Recovery


Staying clean in and out of the substance abuse recovery process can be difficult. Look into meditation as a practice to keep clean.