Top Hikes in Utah


Utah is a great place to get out to explore and hike. From easy half-mile hikes to strenuous 14-mile hikes, Utah has everything in between. Hiking is a good form of outdoor therapy for those recovering from drug addiction. Being in nature can help form connections with the world and other people. Travel down South […]

Music Therapy in Addiction Recovery


For centuries, music has been used as an artistic method to communicate a certain message to an audience. The artist creates a song, whether it be instrumental, vocals only or a combination of the two to express their feelings and reach out to the people listening who are experiencing those same emotions. In recent years, […]

Art Based Therapy

Art Based Therapy is liberating. There are multiple options for the treatment of addiction.  Most treatment centers offer various sorts of therapy including individual, skill focused, group work and also recovery through art.  There are lots of different ways a person can express themselves in healthy and productive ways.  An art based recovery program provides […]