How to Identify Alcoholism

Do you know how identify alcoholism?

Alcoholism in College


College is often pegged as a time for experimentation whether that is with sexuality, drugs or alcohol. Some students who grew up with really strict parents view college as a time to branch out and be free. That being said, some college students don’t always make the best decisions as they discover themselves. For many, […]

Reward Yourself


As you work your way through your alcohol addiction program, you’ll find that you want to celebrate milestones in your life. For all the hard work you’ve put into this life event, you deserve the celebration. Setting goals and planning celebrations can be the perfect way to keep yourself on track to a lifetime in […]

How to Keep Cravings in Check


Beating a drug or alcohol addiction can be hard work and it can be difficult getting sober and remaining sober. During addiction recovery, cravings may pop up, which is totally natural. This is due to the fact that after having an addiction to a certain substance, your brain functions a bit differently. Learning about your […]

Sleep and Addiction


Addiction can change a lot about a person, from their looks to their behaviors. One of the first changes that may happen to you if you struggle with an alcohol addiction is the change to your sleeping patterns. As you get back on a healthy sleep schedule, it can help you change your habits and […]

Dependence and Addiction Differences


When you’re worried about a loved one, you often want to know if your fears are justified. Does your loved one battle with an alcohol addiction? Or are they instead fighting a dependence? Many people don’t recognize the fact, but there is a definite difference between the two.

Effects of Alcohol Myopia


Few people are aware that alcohol addiction can ultimately damage your sight, causing alcohol myopia. Alcohol myopia is effectively short sightedness, which besides the loss of sight can also lead to loss of focus. Our brains become less and less able to process peripheral cues the more alcohol is consumed. This also causes the brain […]

Staying Sober This Easter


Staying sober over any holiday can be hard work. While you are most likely going to gather around friends and family who could potentially drink, spending any holiday sober can be challenging for anyone who has gone through addiction treatment and is now in recovery. Below are some tips and tricks to getting through this […]

Who’s Most Susceptible to Alcohol Addiction?


While no one is immune to addiction, researchers are constantly examining the population for patterns of susceptibility. Be it nature or nurture, it seems that some people are simply more prone to developing alcohol addiction. Knowing how these findings pertain to you could be crucial in protecting yourself and your loved ones. At Next Level […]

Teen Alcohol Abuse


As you grow through the tough teen years, you are continually faced with decisions and told what you can or cannot do. At times this restriction can be enough to push you into poor situations. According to Students Against Destructive Decisions, 72 percent of high school graduates have consumed alcohol. Nearly 40 percent have done […]