Misuse of Adderall On The Rise


Adderall is a combination of amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. These are stimulants that affect the brain and nerves to help control hyper activity and impulses. Adderall is easily abused and highly addictive. College students take this to help them study. Students are able to concentrate better and their alertness is increased. The amphetamine in Adderall makes […]

The Season of Drug Abuse


Don’t let substance abuse or drug addiction consume your summer.

Parents Are Supplying Drugs to Their Kids Without Realizing It


Many parents in Salt Lake City believe that marijuana is a gateway to drug addiction. Although marijuana may be a gateway to harder drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamines and heroin, kids are getting a taste of what it feels like to be high way before pot is introduced, and the parents are supplying it. The […]

Three Things to Do Instead of Drugs


If you suffer from a drug addiction, it can sometimes be hard to focus on things fully because of the voice in your head that keeps your mind focused on your drug of choice. There are a lot of fun and enjoyable things you can do that to take your mind off and away from […]

When Is it Time to Get Help With Addiction


In America, more than 22.7 million individuals need treatment for substance abuse. Addiction is hard physically and emotionally. However, before getting diagnosed with an actual addiction, whether it’s an alcohol addiction or drug addiction, it can be difficult to know when is the right time to get help. Whether you tried drugs out for the […]

The Truth About Cocaine: How it Hurts You


Even if you haven’t ever struggled with substance abuse, you’ve probably heard of cocaine, or crack — as they call it on the street. Cocaine is one of the most dangerous drugs out there, yet millions of Americans still use it. This is a huge problem. In fact, cocaine is responsible for more visits to […]

Addiction and the Brain


Addiction can be exhausting mentally, physically and emotionally. It involves a craving for something intensely, loss of control over its use and continuing involvement with it despites negative consequences. We understand at Next Level Recovery that many people expect those struggling with drug addiction and alcohol addiction to jump out of it or tell them […]

What you Can and Cannot Do Around Those Struggling with Addiction

At Next Level recovery, found in Salt Lake City, we are an outpatient addiction treatment program that is customized to the individual needs of those involved with addiction. Battling through an addiction is a mentally, physically and emotionally tiring time. The way you act around people struggling with addiction, whether it’s alcohol addiction or substance […]

Using Social Media to Beat an Addiction


Battling any form of addiction can bring on many trials. It is best to face these trials with those who understand you. When deciding on an addiction treatment, don’t rule out social media. Social media allows us to connect with everyone and anyone around the world. It can be used as vision of hope during […]

Celebrities That Gave Up Drugs and Alcohol


Celebrities often seem like they live life to excess. Many famous men and women had or have problems with alcohol or drug addiction. Celebrity news network seem to regularly air stories about stars and their encounters with the law over substance abuse. Although this may appear to be the standard for the rich and famous, […]