Natural Remedies to Use Instead of Painkillers

After conquering your addiction, in a perfect world, you’d never be faced with a new temptation . Your hard work wouldn’t go to waste, because you would be strong enough to say no to everything that might push you to relapse. Unfortunately, this isn’t a perfect world. In real life, we are only human. After […]

Which Personality Types Make Addiction Recovery

Addiction recovery is different for everyone who goes through it. Each person has a unique set of personality traits that might make it harder or easier to recover from addiction. Addiction treatment will help people identify which personality traits are holding them back. People who tend to hold onto grudges are not likely to move […]

High School Athletes and the Opioid Epidemic


In America, we are currently experiencing a drug problem larger than we have ever seen in history. From 2010 to 2016, there was a recorded 493 percent increase in people diagnosed with opioid use disorders. Facing this crisis as a country has been increasingly difficult because of the stigma attached to getting help with drug […]

Saying No to an Addict


Seeing a loved one going through an addiction can be scary. You might not know how to handle their emotions, actions and the chances of relapse. Individuals from “The City That Never Sleeps” to Salt Lake City know how you feel. During one’s drug addiction, it’s important to stay strong and support them. Here are […]

Most Popular Addictions in the U.S


Most Popular Addictions in the U.S. During times of trials and afflictions, it can be easy to feel lonely and defeated. Especially with substance abuse or alcohol addiction, it can be easy for those struggling with addiction to feel like they’re the only one with a problem and that they’re working through this alone. Next […]

Drug Overdose


The number of people dying from drug overdose continues to rise. Make a change and find a drug rehab center near you.



Planning can help you prioritize aspects of your life to make it more manageable. Plan some of these important parts of your life to continue to improve after drug rehab.

Approaching a Family Member Struggling With Substance Abuse


Watching a family member struggle with substance abuse can be incredibly difficult. Whether it’s a spouse, parent, child or more distant relation, no one wants a loved one to experience feelings of shame or worthlessness. That’s why the right approach is key to helping a family member realize they need to seek addiction treatment and […]

Three Things to Know About Sobriety


Rock bottom — it’s lonely, but it’s your wake up call. You’ve hit the point, and you’re finally ready to find assistance. There have been countless people on the journey before you. As any student of life, you can learn from these folks and model your life after them. Before you make your foray into […]

What Is the Positive Psychology Movement?


The sun as it peeks through the blinds; that first stretch after getting out of bed in the morning; being welcomed by your dog as you come home in the evening — life’s joys surround us each day. It’s often the smallest things that make our days worth living. When you’re entering an addiction treatment […]