Identifying Bad Habits Early


Watching a friend or loved one fall into an addiction can be painful — heartbreaking — to witness. However, there are many cases in which this process is long and slow, and with appropriate intervention can be stopped before it becomes even more serious. Here at Next Level Recovery, we have seen so many unique […]

Music Therapy in Addiction Recovery


For centuries, music has been used as an artistic method to communicate a certain message to an audience. The artist creates a song, whether it be instrumental, vocals only or a combination of the two to express their feelings and reach out to the people listening who are experiencing those same emotions. In recent years, […]

How to Encourage Sobriety in Your Loved Ones


Sobriety isn’t something attained by graduating a drug rehab program. Sobriety spans across the journey of a lifetime. While rehab may be the first step on this journey, those struggling with drug addiction will need support from friends and family as they continue after rehab. If you have a loved one on this journey to […]

Teen Alcohol Abuse


As you grow through the tough teen years, you are continually faced with decisions and told what you can or cannot do. At times this restriction can be enough to push you into poor situations. According to Students Against Destructive Decisions, 72 percent of high school graduates have consumed alcohol. Nearly 40 percent have done […]

The Influence of Alcohol Advertising


You’ve probably seen commercials on TV advertising a new brand of vodka, or maybe that old Heineken commercial that still comes on occasionally. These advertisements are there to increase market share in current customers, but when exposed to them, youth audiences as well as adults who have never had alcohol before can fall into the […]

Is Spirituality Necessary to Maintain Sobriety?

As you flip through pamphlets in your search for a rehab center, you begin to see a common theme. Many of the addiction treatment centers carry the idea that God is the key to your sobriety. There are even those that offer to help you find him in your journey to recovery. Unfortunately, not everyone […]

Tackling Heroin Abuse in Young Adults

Drug addiction is a growing problem in the United States, especially among young adults. One drug specifically is rapidly claiming young victims — heroin. What was once a hard-hitting drug taken up by those who had been using for quite some time has become a drug of choice for new users. It is the face […]

The Cost of Drug Addiction

How much will your drug addiction cost you? Over time, drug and alcohol addiction empties your pockets — here we look at some of the biggest ways that drug addiction affects your finances.

The Cost of Heroin

­­­In addiction to heroin presents a very real and very difficult challenge to overcome, both for the user and those who care for the addict. Although the financial cost of heroin will vary from user to user, the emotional cost is far greater than any amount of money spent on the addiction.  Let’s explore some […]

Heroin Treatment

Heroin Treatment And Intervention If someone you care about is struggling with an addiction to heroin, the time to intercede is immediately. Anyone who watches an individual go through the pain of addiction hopes that he or she will take the initiative to seek help, but that is not true in all situations. When a […]