Addiction Treatment

Heroin_treatmentAddiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is a multi-step process with varying success rates depending on the method chosen. Next Level Recovery is a leader with groundbreaking treatments. Withdrawal symptoms are often the number one cause of relapse for those trying to get sober.  Medically supervised detoxification programs are designed to help the addict slowly wean them off of Addiction and prepare for a therapeutic recovery program.  Their success depends on their ability to understand and cope with other challenges, specifically those problems that drove them to the drug initially.

Addiction Treatment that works

During detox, most Addiction treatment centers will keep them under observation onsite for a few days.  After a couple hours all traces of Addiction have left your body and the symptoms start in earnest.  The severity of these symptoms depends on the amount and duration of the drug use.

Therapy is the next step for users in a Addiction treatment program.  The goal here is to educate the addict on the triggers that make them want to use again.  These can be people, situations and all sorts of life events.  The goal is to find alternative methods of coping and alternative activities in order to begin and aid in the recovery process.

Maintenance is the third step in Addiction treatment.  These typically involve 12-step meetings or other support groups as well as a continuation of individual therapy.  The combination of these two methods leads to the highest rates of success.  Families of Addiction users can also benefit from counseling to help deal with the changing family dynamics.

In many cases, residential Addiction treatment rehabilitation is necessary to end the abuse.  These can include medically assisted detox, educational lectures, individual and group counseling, family therapy, 12-step programs and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Addiction treatment can take many forms and no one method is the best for every one trying to get sober.  Research a few of these methods in order to figure out which method will work best for you or your loved one. We are sure you will find Next Level Recovery the best choice. With our wide range of treatment, and personalized solutions. We do not treat Addiction Treatment like an out of the box solution. With us you have very personalized care!


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