Addiction Treatment Financing

 You never fail until you stop trying.”
–Albert Einstein

Addiction Treatment Financing Options

Heroin Treatment FinancingAt Next Level Recovery, we believe that your path toward sobriety should never be blocked by financial need. That is why we provide you with addiction treatment financing solutions that help clear the way to a healthier life for you.

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Arranging addiction treatment financing can feel like a complicated process at first, but it is really quite simple. We treat clients from all over the United States, so we work with most major insurance policies. We also offer several addiction treatment financing options, including generous third-party financing as well as partial and full scholarships.

Next Level Recovery has partnered with leading addiction treatment financing companies that can offer you all of the necessary options to start your new life now. You could get approved today for addiction treatment financing that will allow you to attend our program soon. Today, you could receive the addiction treatment financing that will allow you to work toward a successful life that is free from drugs and alcohol.


  • 0% financing for at least 12 Months
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • No fees of any kind
  • Low interest rates on remaining balances
  • Results within an hour
  • Family or non-family members can apply on your behalf

Applying for addiction treatment financing is easy and only takes a few minutes on the phone.

Heroin Treatment FinancingCall Next Level Recovery at (801) 386-9889 to find out more
about addiction treatment financing options that will help you along the path toward sobriety.