NLR Addiction Treatment

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment

Healing and recovery are within reach when you take treatment and recovery to the “next level.” Our dedicated staff, at Next Level Recovery, provide treatment that will help ease your transition from heroin-treatment-rehabdependency to a substance-free and healthy life. We make recovery easier by providing flexible schedules that allow you to continue living life on your terms.

Next Level Recovery offers an affordable program that is inspired by positive psychology and a strength based approach.  NLR is a leader in collaborative therapy that produces welcomed results in a short period of time.

Our treatment programs are designed to be customized to the individual needs of those involved with addiction. Our patients are looked at as “clients” and engage in an active partnership for healing and recovery.

Part of our practical recovery approach is to encourage our clients to explore work and educational opportunities while they are in our program. We find that we are able to assist our clients best as they participate in real world activities. We allow each client to feel connected, empowered, and able to rebuild and restore relationships with loved ones.

Our core team members:

Founders: In developing Next Level Recovery, Michael and Reneé Brown collected a dedicated and effective team of professionals who assist clients in addiction treatment and recovery from substance abuse.  Michael and Reneé have worked in a variety of inpatient and outpatient centers, where they have helped patients transition from an addiction treatment environment to a supportive housing environment and, ultimately, to self-supporting independence.  Michael and Reneé have developed and continue to run a successful structured transitional housing program — Sober Living Properties — that provides housing and services to clients as they begin recovery from addiction.

Next Level Recovery is founded on sound evidence-based knowledge and is developed to accommodate the needs of those who seek treatment for substance addiction.  Next Level Recovery takes a practical and therapeutic approach to addiction treatment that supports clients in the environment that is most comfortable and healthiest for them. Because Next Level Recovery is an outpatient treatment facility and addiction recovery treatment center, clients can maintain their current work schedule, seek out new employment, and/or explore education during the treatment process. Individuals who are not currently working or setting educational goals will find encouragement and support as they face life’s challenges and set new dreams for their career, education, and life.

•  Next Level Recovery takes a scientific, evidence-based approach to addiction.
•  We offer a fusion of therapy and motivational coaches to our client base.

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